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Oct 29, 2013 6:00am PDT
two states pick new governors or perhaps re-elect an old one, some numbers you should know about who's showing up in the garden state and why both sides are afraid of folks not showing up in the old dominion. >>> also today, a decade ago when medicare part d was in the hot seat on health care. some folks are trying to compare it to the current rocky rollout. how much of the reception and the objections are actually similar to today's talk? good morning from washington. it's tuesday, october 29th, 2013. this is "the daily rundown." i'm chuck todd. to my "first reads" of the morning. >>> for more than thee years it was a key component of the president's sales pitch to the public, a promise he made repeatedly while selling the health care law. >> if you like your health care plan, you keep your health care plan. these folks need to stop scaring everybody. if you like your health care plan, you keep your health care plan. nobody's going to force you to leave your health care plan. if you like your doctor, you keep seeing your doctor. i don't want government bureaucrats meddling in your h
Oct 30, 2013 2:00pm PDT
tonight. six days out from the election day in virginia. the governor's race is coming down really to the wire. depending on the poll that you're looking at. the race could be tighter than expected. a roanoke college poll hasterry mccoloradoive with a lead over ken cuccinelli. quinnipiac university finds mcallive with a smaller lead over the attorney general. no matter which poll you're looking at, this is so clear. social issues matter. and women could make the difference in this election. and, of course, turnout. now, according to quinnipiac, female voters in virginia backed mcallive over cuccinelli. the "washington post" finds the margin bigger with kuch necessarily trailing by what, 24 points among whelm.cuccinelli trailing by what, 24 points among whelm. this could be the reason. cuccinelli was one of three attorneys general who did not join a bipartisan push for reauthorization of the violence against women act. also cuccinelli was the first attorney general to sue the federal government over obama care, which expands access for women health care. he voted against a senate bi
Nov 2, 2013 11:00pm PDT
's in the general election or special election, putting the initiative on the ballot will cost taxpayers. >> it's less expensive on a general election which could be june or november, for example, but they're not -- it is not free, so this could cost, based on numbers i received a few numbers ago, on some other measures that were being looked at, this could cost probably $100,000. >> in addition to the smoking initiative, he says he'll also collect signatures for an initiative that would prevent the city council from putting any future bans on plastic shopping bags. >>> a man visiting san francisco's mission district has gone missing. he called his family, saying he's been followed. he said he needed help from police around 11:00 p.m., and his family has filed a missing persons report but he's yet to be located. >>> over 400 marijuana plants were taken from a home in antioch. officers took the plants, along with the growing equipment, and it's unclear at this point who was in charge of that operation. >>> isn't fran firefighters fought a fire on department of public works property, and now ar
FOX News
Nov 3, 2013 11:00am PST
graham only on "fox news sunday." with election day two days away we'll ask our panel how much trouble both parties are in. from our power player of the week. >> i knew from the second what had happened and why it happened. >> charles krauthammer opens up about his life-changing accident all right now on "fox news sunday." hello again from fox news in washington. it's been another tough week for obamacare, with continued problems on the government website and growing outrage over the hundreds of thousands of people whose policies are being canceled. in fact, was down again for repairs overnight for at least 12 hours. are these just bumps in the road or signs of fundamental problems? we brought in two experts to debate what's really going on. james capretta, health care expert with the ethics and public policy center. dr. ezekiel emanuel is one of the architects oft obamacare. gentlemen, welcome to "fox news sunday." let's start with that pledge from the president when he was trying to sell obamacare. here it is. >> we will keep this promise to the american people. if you
Oct 31, 2013 9:00am EDT
election cycle. we saw a rise of inside and empty candidates like ross perot. the majority said they belonged to neither party. this is why you don't weight polls by party id. you want to see the shifts. only third time in the history of the poll that a majority didn't identify with a party. 32% would prefer an independent party for congress than a democrat or a republican. that's more than 28% that said they wanted to vote for a generic republican candidate. it's clear all will have explaining to do. they had high hopes for the president and 52% job rating was near an all time high for him. it didn't take long for things to go south. the investigations on benghazi and the irs, then it was the still ongoing embarrassing edward snowden leaks that raised questions about how much the president may or may not have known. september it continues with the president's indecision on whether or not to attack syria. he got a tiny bump when everyone was focused on republicans, but now between the government shut down and the bungled health care roll out, he hits the all time low with 42% ap
Nov 3, 2013 9:00am PST
. 365, the number of days until the 2014 midterm elections. and -- >> we're fired up! >> we have a better way. >> romney versus obama, been there, done that, or maybe not? have you heard the one about vice president clinton or vice president christie in our political panel a new read on a book revealing backstage imfreezing in the 2012 campaign. this is "state of the union." >>> good morning from washington, i'm candy crowley. we will speak with senator kelly ayotte in a moment. >>> first, authorities have charged the man who opened fire at l.a.x. airport with two felonies including the murder of a federal officer. witnesses say the gunman, 23-year-old paul anthony ciancia, killed 39-year-old gerardo hernandez. the first tsa officer killed in the line of duty in the agency's history. two additional agents were wounded. joining me from austin, texas, is the chairman of the house homeland security committee, michael mccall. congressman, thank you very much for joining us. i think in the aftermath of this, the question i hear most often is, why did he do this. what do you know about
FOX News
Oct 27, 2013 11:00pm PDT
a doubt is happening here in the states. >> you said famously after the 2012 election that republicans have to stop being, quote, the stupid party. you also say they have to stop being just aboutñrsys ei anti-obama. that is not enough. is that the problem with the g.o.p. here in washington? >> absolutely. i think you look at the dysfunction in washington, d.c., i think folks across the country -- republicans, independents, democrats -- are frustrated. we as a party can't just be a party of no. the only place you see conservative principles applied today are in state capitalsñr or local ther it'sts, u school choice, lowering the unemployment rate, growing the private sector, here in louisiana we're setting records for the number of people working. you're seeing that in 30 states across the country led by republican governors. we need to show voters conservative principles work. to see them working, you don't need to look farther than our state capitals. >> you have started something calledÑi america next to try to come up with an affirmatiwg conservative agenda for the nation's probl
FOX Business
Nov 2, 2013 10:00am EDT
gubernatorial election, president bill clinton on the campaign trail or democratic candidate terry mcauliffe, my next guest, joined by senator rand paul. joining us is the republican candidate, virginia attorney general and republican gubernatorial candidate ken cuccinelli. great to have you with us. i mean, there's a lot of firepower there in virginia. this ought to be kind of a simple deal. you against terry mcauliffe, what's going on? >> well, a lot's going on here with eight days to go, lou. so today we traveled the state with senator rand paul from lynchburg to virginia beach to fairfax county. so we covered the three corners of the state, more or less. and reached hundreds of people with rallies and really turned them back out onto the streets, literally, to contact other voters and to really fire up our volunteers so we can be reaching people one on one. these are low turnout races in these odd years. and it's critically important that people be talking to voters one at a time in person to turn them out. >> now, are you connecting with working men and women in that state? and the reason i
FOX News
Nov 3, 2013 9:00am PST
to egypt since the military coup over threw the democratically elected government in july. since then the military-backed government has killed hundreds of supporters of the former president mohamed morsi and arrested thousands more, mainly from the muslim brotherhood party. the white house will actually -- has cut a large part of the u.s. aid to egypt both financial and military aid to the country. and some of the secular groups that have backed the military coup have actually turned against the new government in cairo saying they have gone too far and aren't doing enough to restore democracy to egypt. kerry struck an upbeat tone today and says he is seeing signs that the military is willing to restore democracy, though there is a growing fear that the military commander, general al-sisi could run and could be ushering in a military of strong men. it was mubarak, the man who ruled for three decades, was ousted and there is fear that sisi may replace him. >> thank you. eric? >> they say he murdered his wife to carry on his love affair with his mistress, but is there enough eviden
FOX News
Nov 3, 2013 1:00am PDT
an election. >> we had the president to his credit almost seven weeks out saying are we ready? to be told by the pros, yeah, this looks like it's all ready to go and neither he or i are technology geeks. >> the president to his credit asked about it seven weeks before? he's been promising it for three years. did you need someone to play the buffoon? mr. president, five years ago when you were elected they couldn't tear your blackberry away from you and now the vice president is telling us and they want me to believe that you don't understand websites? and what makes me crazy is that every tom, dick and harry has a website. i can go on amazon right now to buy a mop, my book "clever fox" or even a pair of red high heels to click you should a table and not to digress but the prosecutor in me wants to know why a contractor, the most important program, the crown jewel in your administration, is awarded to one of the first lady's dear friends, essentially a no-bid contract. for a defective product. so simple sebelius stays on. what makes you think she can get it right now? especially when she's
FOX News
Nov 2, 2013 4:00pm PDT
are reportedly extremely angry about this drone strike. the new government elected a few months ago was elected on the large part to end u.s. drone strikes and begin peace negotiations with the taliban. they so the drone strike as undercutting peace efforts. here in afghanistan his death is welcomed by afghan and u.s. officials whoso him as part of the broader problems for the instability in afghanistan. his death will impact the taliban here in afghanistan and in pakistan. but the pakistani taliban named a successor and vowing revenge, harris. >> i am watching out of my eye the los angeles police department and fbi started the news conference. we learned a little more about what went down in the los angeles international airport. they were not putting a lot on the record that might change later. this might be more of a review. but if there is anything knew that comes out. we covered it moments ago, as the store tore breaks with new details we'll bring it to you. >>> the countdown on. the key and centerpiece for millions of americans to get health care on line,, obama care access
Oct 30, 2013 7:00pm PDT
not to campaign against them in their re, in their re-elections. but i, look, i believe firmly this is a trust but verify situation. with senator cruz. there its nos nothing stopping from going to the floor or going out to the cameras and saying, well, you know, the senate is not doing what it need to do. you just, you do not spend as many months as he has spent in the senate, however lit they'll hathey'll -- however lit they'll have been in the senate. beating the hell out of the constitution and republican colleagues and over one lunch decide i will back off. leave you alone. >> we are going to fiend out, josh, whether this means simply not naming names anymore or just kind of as jonathan said, be able to go out and say, the senate isn't working, and our side of the senate isn't working well. >> well, expect he will go out and say that. the senate conservatives fund. mitch mcconnell declared war on it. they have been backing his oement opponent in the kentucky senate race. and how the senate conservatives fund is working to help democrats by undermining the republican majority in the senate.
Nov 3, 2013 6:00am PST
lindsey graham. >> and with election day two days away. we'll ask our sunday panel how much trouble both parties are in. >> i knew from the second what had happened, why it happened, and what it meant for the future. charles krauthammer opens up about his life changing accident. hello again from fox news in washington. it's been another tough week for obama care with continued problems on the government website and growing outrage over the hundreds and thousands of people whose policies are being canceled. healthca was closed overnight again. we brought in james capretta and dr. ezekiel emanuel. welcome to "fox news sunday." let's start with that pledge from the president when he was trying to sell obama care. here it is. >> we will keep this promise to the american people. if you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor, period. if you like your health care plan, you will be able to keep your health care plan period. no one will take it away. >> but it turns out millions of americans are not able to keep their plans, they're losing them. florida blue cancele
Oct 31, 2013 11:00am PDT
there are certain folks in the republican party have no grasp of reality in terms of why they lose elections. this is why they lose elections. >> listen, both parties are alienating voters and i know this is not, these is not ted cruz's words. this is not his father. he's not a public figure, an elected official. whatever role this is, amy holmes, i want to ask you, does this hurt the tea party? >> i think that it serves to hurt those who advocate for conservative and free market principals when it gets into the free-market attacks. i agree with chris on that basis. it turns off the voters and drives down voter turnout during elections when the attacks get nasty like this. in terms of, you know, the go back to kenya remark, i disagree with that. i believe president obama was born in america, an american. i have seen the documentation. as far as, you know, charging him with not being a christian. i believe president obalm aulm at his word that he is a christian. this becomes a distraction. >> i have to jump in, i have to jump in. why are so many people still fixated on the president and the c
Oct 30, 2013 7:00am EDT
. this guy got elected and he got elected to change trade policy, to change the insane tax policy, to change the policy dealing with antitrust. for the past five years, what you people have been able to do whichus on this obamacare has very little to do with the ,verall economy versus the wars the insane trade policies or insane tax policies. all of this is a smokescreen. it is almost like weapons of mass destruction. if you're going to say here and the 15,000 when you have 20,000 on unemployment. 100 million people are living in poverty -- this is all this is. this is just politics to of peoples issue being critical of the president? we are at the point of this country where the whole thing is completely collapsed. after they at obama, had three years of borscht, the system needed the opposite. you people in the media created barack obama. and said of him coming in addressing the policies -- instead of him coming in addressing the policies, now you can talk about obamacare. i grew up in detroit. -- i wrotegreat book it. belt."g back the rust host: i think we got your point. scott, texas, re
Oct 31, 2013 3:00am PDT
better. those in the poll say they will vote independent in the 2014 elections compared to thele 28% who say they will vote republican. nicole. >> nicole, let's digest things here. president's ratings at an all time low. the republican party's approval ratings at an all time low in the nbc news "wall street journal" poll. i don't see things getting better for either side coming out of the government shutdown and any republicans thinking they are getting a boost by the president's problems can look at these polls and others and see it's just not enough to be against their guy, republicans have to come up with their own ideas. >> that's right. if you look at these numbers -- we keep talking about arriving at some sort of floor for republicans, and what's so stunning is that the bottom keeps getting lower and lower and i think -- i heard mike barn cal say something during way too early the world series has been a wonderful respite from all the ugliness in washington. i think that's true. what republicans have to take from this and joe you talked about this a lot, bush has talked about this,
FOX News
Oct 31, 2013 6:00am PDT
a lot to do with a youtube video of the why was that? because there was election month later. bill: will show the youtube video was fabricated? what about the demonstration reported at one point? >> they will say from the very beginning it was a coordinated, well-executed, well-planned attack of terrorists on the american consulate in benghazi. bill: graham will not give this up. kelly ayote will not give up either. do you think they eventually get to them? >> i think what happens, the people, career civil servants, tell bense officers, soldiers who were there at the time, the special-ops guys, they will eventually come forward and say the truth. why? because they have saw their friend and colleagues die and they are still angry because nobody came to rescue them and they're still angry because, even at this date a year later nobody has gone after the terrorists. bill: 14 months later in fact. there is another report out of washington that two special operations forces had arrived in benghazi in time, and actually engaged in this terrorist hit. what do you think about that? >> i th
Oct 29, 2013 7:00pm EDT
let it sink of its own weight. >> that's going to happen. >> and wait, there is a mid-term election in 2014 and this should bring out people in droves. let the people decide. that's fine. let the people decide ask that's what's going to happen. >> itself the way i wanted to. i don't want to let anybody off the hook. >> people know. people should know, we tried to prevent this from happening in the first place by fighting the law in 2010. then we tried to give people relief from this law in 20 thrown. that was rejected. so now we are living with this law and then we owe the american people an alternative about here's what you do if we win elections, we want to win an election by acclimation we want to win by saying this is not working for our country, this is not working for you, and there are better ways in keeping with our country's principles. >> that puts you in charge of your future. not some bour krat in washington. >> congressman ryan had some important things to say, amidst all my pestering questions, he assured everybody in that room, there will be no new taxes and the budge
Al Jazeera America
Nov 1, 2013 7:00am EDT
election to fill the seat of the late frank laughtenberg. >> aljazeera investigates sex crimes on campus. >> sometimes the victims are the falsely accused. >> i started to talk and i broke down and i was crying, and, you know, i was just devastated. >> the struggle colleges face balancing the rights of accusers and the accused. >> between rental, light bills, water bills, i just couldn't really afford to have food in the house. >> it's a lot to juggle. things are about to get tougher for financially strapped families. the help that's being taken away today. >> the f.a.a. will start letting you use four phone and other devices during take offs and landings, but there will still be restrictions. >> santa's making an early appearance at the mall. why the first big holiday sale is already here. >> the charges have been dropped but i still can't return to campus. at aljazeera reports, he is fighting to clear his name in a crime he says he never committed. >> taylor spends most weekends hanging out with friends in fargo. in the last four years, his life has veered off in a dramatically differe
Oct 30, 2013 12:00pm PDT
on top cardinals as they prepared to elect a new pope in march. it also reports agents listed on phone -- listened in on phone calls. the vatican says it doesn't know anything about the spying and it's not worried about it. nsa has already been accused of spying on allies and tapping the german chancellor's personal cell phone. >>> police want to speak to a man who may have seen a bay area woman in a stairwell at san francisco general. the man told a hospital supervisor he saw someone lying in the stairwell october 4, four days later lynne spalding's body was found. an attorney for the hospital told spalding's family the supervisor checked the stairwell that day but didn't see anything. >>> in other bay area news this wednesday afternoon two dozen employees scrambled to escape flames inside a union city bakery this morning. smoke came from the roof while firefighters arrived on the scene at about 5 :30 a.m. the fire started in the corner of sterling foods on western avenue near pacific street. it was under control in less than an hour. >>> a state legislative hearing will look into the
Oct 31, 2013 2:00am PDT
scouts of america. he was elected to serve as the group's national president. >> and ted cruise makes an appearance on late night tv. he'll appear on "the tonight show" with jay leno next friday appearance on late night tv. he'll appear on "the tonight show" with jay leno next friday appearance on late night tv. he'll appear on "the tonight show" with jay leno next friday appearance on late night tv. he'll appear on "the tonight show" with jay leno next friday appearance on late night tv. he'll appear on "the tonight show" with jay leno next friday. >>> for more now on our new nbc news "wall street journal" poll, we're joined by bob franken in d.c.. thanks for being here. >> good morning. >> let's talk about some of the poll numbers. president obama's approval ratings now at an all-time low. so what do you think the biggest reasons are for this and what needs to happen for his numbers to stop falling? >> i think what needs to happen is that his signature policy achievement of his administration, that is to say b obama care, rights itself. i think this is a reaction to his roller coast
FOX Business
Oct 31, 2013 7:00pm EDT
with the federal election commission, judicial watch said they obtained e-mails from lerner that shows she disclosed information from several conservative groups including the american future fund, and the american issues project. lerner retired from the irs last month. but congressional investigations are ongoing. >> on wall street today stocks moved low edow down 73, nazdaq down 7, and nazdaq down 11. >> stocks posted strong gains for october, dow up 3% in october, s&p you of 4 1/2%, and nazdaq a gain of nearly 4%. on economic front, jobless claims fell by 10,000 last week. we're coming right back with much more. stay with us. >> out of touch perhaps but real out of the loop too? the president's accolade shield him from scandal from benghazi to the obamacare, the obama defense remains the same, he just doesn't know. congressman brad win drop with us next. as a business owner, i'm constantly putting out fires. so i deserve a small business credit card with amazing rewards. with the spark cascard from capital one, i get 2% cash back on ery purchase, every day. i break my back around here.
Oct 28, 2013 2:00pm EDT
which is -- budget issues. it is something that can make a comeback in an election year. that is something that you look forward to come up next summer as we approach the midterms. host: we are talking about the budget and time. the legislative days left in the session -- less than three weeks, but how does that factor going forward? guest: they have only so many days to be here, and the bar has been raised since they came out of the shutdown. there is a budget conference meeting, a farm bill conference meeting, and immigration reform, as things that the president wants to see done this year. any one of those moving this year would be huge. as the days pass by, there is less time to get anything done on any of these things. if any one of those things advances, that is a huge win. duca --mes from china from chattanooga. ifler: i would like to know it would lower the egos of some of these people in congress if they could sit down and do a smaller appropriations bill, and that is what i would like to know. host: you want to start? guest: i am not sure it would affect egos.
Oct 29, 2013 12:00pm EDT
, soon there will be a new senator-elect from new jersey who will stand where i stood just a few months ago to be sworn in. when he takes his place in this body, he will be joining a long list of dedicated public servants who have served new jersey, stretching back to the very first congress. i would urge him to continue to work as hard for the people of our state as he did while serving as the mayor of new jersey's large of the city. and i know that he will always put the people of new jersey first. new jersey's new senator will have a very long list of priorities waiting for him when he arrives in walkers awferl them important. there is one area that will require his immediate and ongoing focus: that is new jersey's continued effort to recover and rebuild from the devastation of superstorm sandy, which struck my are state a year ago today. working together, new jerseyans have made incredible progress in coming back from what the storm delivered, but our work continues. for those who have suffered so much loss, a year seems like an eternity. they must know that until all of the damage
Oct 31, 2013 7:00am EDT
months ago, in other words, after the 2012 election. because as we are seeing this , we are becoming aware of all of the problems that are in it. so someone had pointed out well, you had 3.5 years to make it, this website, and the computer person said well, actually, no, it has only been eight or nine months. i think if all of these problems had been articulated prior to the 2012 election, who knows, maybe it would have gone another way. host: ok, we will go to carol now from same, -- from st. louis, missouri. is it time to start assigning blame for some of the early problems with the health care exchange rollout? caller: actually, i hold the president responsible. here is what i hold him responsible for -- my grandchildren that are under 26 are covered. my granddaughter, who is 27 with a pre-existing condition, can now get insurance. she had one of those inferior policies, and they paid nothing when she needed it. he closed the donut hole for me on medicare for the prescription drugs, and the man who said it is on acceptable not to be able for his wife to have her own doctor, what i
Oct 30, 2013 12:00pm EDT
that finally with the affordable care act are gone. my successor, an elected insurance republican commissioner, sandy prager, and i worked on a whole series of plans to expand coverage. i did work on these issues. we were not able to necessarily get them passed. >> to use your words, you say these were, i think you said, lousy plans, and ms. tavenner said not true insurance. you think the plans offered when you were the insurance commissioner not true insurance? >> in the individual market, the insurance commissioner in kansas and virtually every place in the country does not have the authority over the plans, and a lot of them are not -- >> were they true insurance plans -- >> a lot of them are not insurance plans, no. >> thank you. i yield back. >> gentleman from vermont, mr. welch. >> thank you, i'm going to just try to summarize quickly what i've been hearing. number one, the website must be fixed. you've been very forthright, and you're going to fix it. number two, i'm hearing a tone change. we've had a real battle about health care. we had a battle in this congress. it was passed. the pr
Oct 30, 2013 7:00pm EDT
unite together and let this thing unfold and show a viable alternative we can win that '16 election and that's when things start to turn around and that's when this country explodes with economic growth. you have to get the what and the why right. >> the what, we're doing pretty well, lore taxes, less intrusive government and what we have to do is connect to the whys. why are these policies important to the average person? part of the responsibility that we have is we can't say our doors are open. come on in. we have to be willing to go into places that we would consider an uncommon location for republicans to show up. sometimes we're only relevant every two or four years. i want to be relevant 365 days a year. >> that's what i will be talking about tomorrow. it's what we as conservatives want the kind of policies that unite us. >> give me a specific. >> one specific example and one that paul ryan and i have talked about extensively is pro-family tax reform. the kind of tax reform that would acknowledge the contribution that parents make. working parents are, in a sense, taxed twice
Oct 30, 2013 10:00am EDT
, particularly in the 2010 election. unfortunately, for our economy, for our businesses, for our people, we have done anything but restore certainty. in fact, we have governed by crisis. 30 days, 90 days, 180 days, a year. arbitrary deadlines put in place which brought the country to the brink of default and to the brink of closing down government. and in fact, of course, just recently, we did in fact shut down the government. now, my republican colleagues say we wanted that to happen on our side of the aisle. ironically, 198 democrats voted to open the government. that is to say every democrat that was voting on this floor voted to open government. and my colleagues who say they didn't want to shut down government, 144 of them voted to keep government shut down, mr. speaker, and 87 of them voted to open up government. so the american public is not fooled as to who wanted to shut down the government, but it was a bad policy and lent to uncertainty in our economy. reaching an agreement only for this fiscal year in addition, mr. speaker, will mean more left to do, more sequester left to replace an
FOX News
Oct 30, 2013 7:00pm PDT
, the election is over. >> i can't wait for jon stewart and colbert to do a fact check segment. i disagree with glen. he calls a bicycle a car. i think a bicycle is a bicycle. i don't think this is a health care plan these people have. on top of that only 17% were renewed before the affordable care act. >> you can rationalize all you want but you can't keep your plan. remember, the president said you will save $2500 per family per year. that's not true either. >> a lot of families will save money. >> no, they are not. >> it will save the country money, too. >> b nobody thinks the country will save makeup. this isn't going to work. we'll expand medicare and medicaid. do you know who's hurt? the 12 to 14 million people in the middle who don't have health care. they are small business owners, not obama voters. people who voted for obama will be fine. i wonder what percentage of the 14 million voted for the president. >> is a congressional budget office part of everybody or they don't count? they say it will save money. they don't count? >> who thought they were going to keep their health insu
Oct 29, 2013 7:00am PDT
but by democrats who voted for this thing, because they don't want to be stuck out there next year in an election year having to explain a website that still doesn't work. >> let's go back to the hearing. this is the chairman, the republican from michigan, checking her. >> i don't have that metric with me but i'll check on it. >> i believe those are numbers that cms has put out. the associated press reported in early september that there was a memo prepared for the assistant -- by the assistant secretary for planning and health. are you aware of that press story and that memo? i think it went through your office to secretary sebelius? >> it went through the enrollment numbers? >> yes. and it said that there were month-to-month predictions of enrollment numbers showing a path to the seven million that i mentioned. >> right. >> could you make that memo available to the committee? >> certainly. >> according to the press report, the memo estimated that 494,620 people would sign up for health insurance under the program by october 31st. we're obviously very near that date. have you met that estimate?
Oct 30, 2013 7:00am PDT
by the supreme court, the president was re-elected, it is the law and people have benefits and rights under that law and we've got to get that information so they can make good choices for themselves and their families. >> well, thank you. it is the law. and frankly i find it disconcerting that my republican colleagues have done nothing but root for this law to fail for the last three and a half years and now there's a big show here of being upset at problems with the website of keeping people from signing up for coverage fast enough. so i would just say to my colleagues on the other side of the aisle, you're really on the wrong side of history here. the website will be fixed and millions of americans will be able to get quality affordable health insurance coverage through the affordable care act. and again, i thank you for being here today, madam. >> mr. pitts, chairman of the health committee. >> thank you, mr. chairman. welcome, madam secretary. have you personally tried to register or enroll on the website? >> sir, i created an early light account so i would see the prompts that were co
Oct 30, 2013 3:00pm PDT
's going to pay for this next election day, but his crocodile tears aren't going to impress everybody. everybody knows the republicans never wanted to be part of this, never wanted to own any part of it, never wanted to provide health care for the american citizens. they were in control of congress for a long time. and all of these problems existed, higher premiums, all the brang runsies and so forth. they existed when they were in control and they never did a thing about it. >> one of your colleagues made a strange request in the hearing today. here is congressman of colorado. >> i would like to submit a waiver from my district for obama care and hope that you would consider waiving obama care for the fourth congressional district. >> he wants to exempt his district from the law. but more than 102,000 people in his district are uninsured. so he wants to stop them from getting coverage or getting benefits like free preventive care and cheaper prescriptions. it's outrageous on the face of it, congressman. >> of course it is. and then you have people like him in texas like ted cruz. tex
Oct 30, 2013 6:00am PDT
i suspect by the white house as they were navigating through an election at that point in time. and that was a political call they made and they're now making -- now having to deal with the consequence of that. >> that's a pretty serious blunder. if it's done for political reasons when this is the signature achievement of president obama, health care for everyone in the united states, something that then girls in washington have been working on for decades, they finally get it passed and you're saying for political reasons because of an election they were delaying certain critically important elements leading up to the release of this plan, is that what you're saying? >> wolf, they will have to answer as to why those regulations weren't issued. but i think it's clear they had three years to do it. there was a period of time when nothing happened, at least nothing publicly happened. and those regulations -- decisions were made not to issue them and i think at the very root of this problem is the fact that they were very late in issuing the regulations that the contractors needed
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